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Congratulations to our 2012 Customer Appreciation Sale Winners!

Season Supply of Chemicals
Peggy Dent

Swim MP3 Player
Kathy Pyles
Jodi Kline
Shannon Koch

Across the Pool Volleyball Game
Jeff Brunozzi

Floating Table Tennis
Lou Grant
Sherrell Fruit

Grilling Mitt & Apron set
Bill Gross

Neon Frost float
Mark Karos

Remote Control Toy Boat
Frank Bennett

Water Blaster Toy
Mary Woodruff
Tom Levitski

Celebration Design Float
Bev Keller
Donna Burlingame
Helen Miller




Above Ground Pools

Vogue, the above-ground swimming pool specialist !
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For 30 years now, Vogue remains the undisputed symbol of quality in above-ground swimming pools.

Vogue swimming pools have been providing pleasure, quality design, a refreshing place to swim, and a welcome highlight to countless yards across the continent, always in keeping with the objective of giving customers the very best on the market. Our leadership in the industry demonstrated by the growing demand is based on four dominant principles:

   1. High performance standards in quality and pesonalized service
   2. Innovative and distinctive products
   3. Integrity of its people and business practices
   4. Dedication of its people and their responsiveness to customer needs        

Vogue is one of the very few manufacturers that controls even the smallest details during all crucial stages of the production process. This is what we call "total integration". Choosing Vogue means opting for the highest level of quality as a result of rigorous quality control methods.


Vogue started out as one man's idea for a better above-ground swimming pool. The man was Guy Lebuis and the year was 1957.

Mr. Lebuis' healthy obsession with designing and manufacturing the perfect above-ground pool very soon propelled Vogue to the top in its field. And nearly three decades later, Mr. Lebuis is still hard at work making his dream come true.

While the world has changed almost beyond recognition since Vogue first opened for business, the company itself remains remarkably unchanged in all the ways that really count. Our mission is still to make a better aboveground pool...one that builds on all the innovations that have been introduced to the business over the past twenty-five years...many, in fact, from Vogue's own research and development efforts.

Vogue has also remained a "family business." Guy Lebuis was joined by his son Gilles (now Vice-President of Marketing & Sales) some fifteen years ago, to ensure that the Vogue idea continues on long into the future. Those who know both father and son say they're like two peas in a pod and that no one rebut no one--cares about pools like they do.

You'd think that after 35 years with the same company, Production Vice-President Gilles Béliveau might relax a bit and accept things as they are, especially with the incredible quality levels Vogue has achieved. But not our Gilles. A great believer in ongoing, continuous improvement, Gilles was a kaizen practitioner long before he even heard the word was all the rage in Japanese quality circles.

Gilles' relentless pursuit of perfection is fortunately shared by all the members of his team. And that's good, because anyone who doesn't have that kind of drive just wouldn't be able to stand the pace. The skills and dedication of Vogue production team members have led to numerous production innovations and product quality improvements over the years. But that doesn't stop them from continuing to look for even better ways, which they keep finding much to everyone's surprise. Everyone's but their own.

What is the end result of 35 years of continuous quality and innovation? It makes for an awful lot of happy people. Satisfied customers and their families...and satisfied pool dealers, too. Because when you care about pools like we do, everyone comes up a winner!

It's no exaggeration to say that value is the driving force behind everything we do at Vogue. That's what company President Guy Lebuis had on his mind when he founded the company close to forty years ago. Design and build an above-ground pool that delivers more value for the homeowner's hard-earned dollar than anything else on the market. And that's what we've been doing ever since, with a quality product that, dollar for dollar, provides more enjoyment and a better return on your money than any other home-related item you can buy.

While everyone at Vogue has increased value as an objective, perhaps no one so obviously relishes the role as Vice-President of Finance, Paul Guay. Paul and his team of champion dollar stretchers know every trick in the book when it comes to keeping operating costs as low as possible without in any way sacrificing quality.

The bottom line is always more value for our customers. Because when we do more with less, you pay less for more...and end up with a far superior above-ground pool for your money.

We never forget why we're here in the first place...to design, build and deliver the best there is in above-ground pools today. And that means being there when you need us with reliable service and technical support.

You'll see how much we care in the documentation you receive with your above-ground pool. We go to great lengths to make sure that everything is clear and easy to understand, so that you get the absolute maximum in enjoyment from your pool over the long term. VogUe includes thorough, well-prepared installation, maintenance and safety material with every pool we sell.

Another way you can tell we care is in the testing we do. All our products are rigorously tested in house and by independent laboratories to ensure that their reliability, safety and performance levels meet or exceed all National Swimming Pool Institute standards. Testing is a key component in our very successful research and development program.

Finally; there's the Vogue guarantee. It not only shows how much we care, but puts it down on paper in black and white and backs it up with the full resources of Vogue Pool Products. Because no one cares about pools like we do!






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